FLEx Has Re-Invented the Light Guide

FLEx's ultra-thin optical film can change the way the world sees things.

FLEx Lighting Front Light Panel

Be Precise with Light

FLEx has developed proprietary light guide technology to convert thin plastic film into an efficient and powerful light source for a wide range of applications, from the displays on our electronics to the light fixtures in our homes.

How does it work? The technology inserts light into plastic films thinner than a piece of paper. It then radiates out precisely to where the film guides it. Our LED light guide technology uses off-the-shelf LEDs, which allows for an easy integration into existing form factors, while opening up the possibility for new and exciting form factors.

Ultra Thin & Flexible Reflective LCD

Thin Film

Our light guide film can be as thin as 50 microns, yet our optical technology allows it to attach to the most common LEDs on the market.

Energy Savings Front Light Panel

Energy Efficient

Improved optical coupling, collimation and attenuation deliver more light to where to you want it.  Efficient LEDs can be used without the typical losses from diffusion and materials losses.

Enhanced Colors Frontlit Reflective LCD

RGB Color-Mixing

FLEx’s system uniformly distributes and color-mixes LED light before channeling it into the display area. This method creates more vivid colors and allows for color tuning.

Edgeless LED Light Guide Film


FLEx’s proprietary light mixing region can be curved away from the edge, eliminating the need for a frame to cover hot spots of traditional edge lighting.

See How it Works

Our CTO, Dr. Tony Nichol, pulls out his whiteboard to show how FLEx technologies open up the opportunity for new and efficient light guide film solutions that work with existing technologies in existing form factors, but open up the possibility to move beyond them as well.

CTO, Dr. Tony Nichol, explains how FLEx's light guide technology works and how it differs from traditional edge lighting techniques.

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