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Ultra-Thin and Low Power: Frontlit displays are 10x more energy efficient than a traditional backlit LCD.


Front Light vs. Backlight

Our screens are no longer heavy, immobile objects planted near a power outlet. Yet, we’re still designing our screens as if they are. But, things are starting to change and power and mobility are driving this change. 

Improving the battery life of our devices remains one of the tech industry’s biggest challenges, and the most inefficient draw on power comes from the display, more specifically, the backlight that illuminates most LCD displays. 

On most devices the backlight is as powerful as a car headlight. It uses most of its battery life fighting external light that it could otherwise be using. There is another, much more efficient way to light a display. It does, however, work differently than a typical transmissive LCD backlit display.

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Will It Work in Sunlight?

Backlit and OLED displays fight sunlight and lose. Backlights are used in transmissive LCDs, which is a technical way of saying they shoot light directly into your eyes. OLEDs and MicroLEDs are emissive meaning they emit their own light (unlike the liquid crystals in LCDs). Both backlit and OLED displays are very difficult to read in direct sunlight.

The only screens that don’t fight the sun are ones with reflective displays. Displays that use Reflective LCDs and have a front light system (e.g., a FLEx system) can use sunlight or any other ambient light to illuminate the screen, plus they have their own light source for low-light conditions.

OLED Display vs Reflective Display Power Savings

Long Battery Life

Reflective displays offer 10x the power savings over traditional LCDs.

Backlit LCD vs Reflective LCD

Sunlight Readable

With the FLEx front light, reflective displays don't fight the sun and become more readable in bright ambient light. 

16 Backlit Vs Frontlit New 5 21

Visible in Low Light

Reflective displays can be seen in dim and low light conditions.

Sharp Front Light Display Tablet Med

FLEx front light systems offer power efficiency and sunlight readability, and they integrate easily into your RLCD display stack.

It’s time to move away from the inefficient backlight and get in front with FLEx.

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