What If You Could Move Your LCD Device's Light to the Front?

It would use less power. It would use reflective light and be viewable in sunlight. It could be flexible. It could be thinner. 

Front Light Reflective Display Stack

Get in Front

The Azumo Front Light Panel optical film is designed to laminate to the front surface of reflective displays to provide high quality on-demand display lighting. This thin plastic panel allows product designers to develop ultra-thin devices and maximize battery life.

The main benefits of Azumo’s front light are significant power savings, thin profile devices and enhanced color displays.

Azumo’s panel only requires a single LED.  This feature, combined with the nature of front lighting, provides over 80x the power savings of alternative backlight options.  In addition, the Azumo lightguide is over 5x thinner than alternative lightguides allowing for thinner device architectures.

For designers looking to create products that stand out, Azumo’s front light also expands the color options for the display.

Low Power LED Front Light

Fewer LEDs

One low-power LED is used in Azumo’s front light, compared to 5+ LEDs used in alternative display light guides.

Ultra Thin Front Light vs Backlight

Thinner Devices

Azumo’s film is only 0.05mm thick and requires less volume compared to backlights. In addition, the low power consumption enables smaller battery designs to reduce device size.

Front Light Panel Power Savings

Extended Batteries

The battery savings facilitated by Azumo are over 80x improved compared to backlighting reflective displays.

Enhanced Colors Frontlit Reflective LCD

Enhanced Colors

Front lighting color reflective displays delivers more vivid colors to enhance display graphics and device branding.

Reflective LCDs

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) have been the predominant display technology for decades, but traditionally weren’t suited well for battery-operated devices. More than 90% of the light generated in these goes to waste and is the #1 source of battery drain.

With more devices going portable, display manufacturers such as Sharp and JDI responded with a reflective display.  By adding a mirror at the back of the pixels, LCDs suddenly could use the ambient light around them and didn’t need the power-hungry backlight.

Reflective displays don’t require electricity to emit light, and many of them have Memory In Pixel (MIP), so they are extremely low power. They are growing in popularity for use in battery-powered portable or wearable devices in industrial, medical, IoT and consumer electronic applications, and are in production from Sharp, JDI, E Ink, Pervasive Displays and others.

OLED Display vs Reflective Display Power Savings

Extended Battery

Reflective displays offer significant power savings compared to OLEDs and traditional LCDs. They are the ideal option for next generation battery-operated devices.

Backlit LCD vs Reflective LCD

Sunlight Readable

Backlit LCDs and OLEDs have glare in sun.  Reflective displays deliver high contrast and clarity in the brightest of sun and become more readable as the ambient light gets brighter.

16 Backlit Vs Frontlit New 5 21

Visible in Dark

With Azumo’s front light, reflective displays can now be seen in the dark, just like traditional backlit LCDs, with full display illumination from only a single low power LED. 

Product Information

Frontlit Reflective LCDs

1.03" 13264-01


1.08" 12724-01


1.26" 11655-xx


1.28" 11049-xx


1.28" color 12378-xx


1.8" 12616-xx


1.8" 13265-01


2.2" 13266-01


2.7" 11103-xx


2.7" color 12380-xx


3.2" 12936-01


4.4" 12561-06


4.4" color 12567-06


Developer Kits

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Quick Start Guide


Control Software (WIN)


Control Software (MAC)


Control Software (LINUX)


Where to Buy

Azumo has over 14 sales offices and dedicated engineering support.  Find your local representative to purchase our front light and display sub-assemblies.

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