How FLEx Technology Works

FLEx has reinvented the light guide to solve the problem of inefficient backlights and to bring light to new places.


FLEx Technology

FLEx has developed proprietary technologies to convert thin plastic film into an efficient and powerful light source for a wide range of applications, from the displays on our electronics to the light fixtures in our homes..

 A “light guide” is a common method of lighting the phones, tablets, laptops and televisions we use every day. Light is inserted into a sheet of plastic, which then “lights up”.  In backlit devices, diffusion limits the efficiency of light transmission resulting in wasted light and power. With LED front light technology, no light goes to waste which in turn saves power. In the simplest terms, FLEx has re-invented the “light guide”.

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FLEx Patent US 09028123

Our Patents

FLEx has over 25 issued patents throughout the world, including the U.S., Americas, Europe, and Asia. They cover the core light insertion technology, manufacturing methods, and a range of product applications.

This new light guide technology can use off-the-shelf commercial LEDs and works well in old and new form factors.

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