FLEx has reinvented the lightguide.

LED lighting in the thinnest, most effective optical system.


FLEx Technology

FLEx has developed proprietary technologies to convert thin plastic film into an efficient and powerful light source for a wide range of applications, from the displays on our electronics to the light fixtures in our homes.

How does it work? The technology inserts light in plastic films thinner than a piece of paper. It then radiates light from the film exactly where it is needed. This new light guiding  technology uses off-the-shelf commercial LEDs, which allows FLEx to take advantage of ongoing LED innovations and improvements, directly augmenting and enhancing its lighting solutions.

 A “light guide” is a common method of lighting the phones, tablets, laptops and televisions we use every day. Light is inserted into a sheet of plastic, which then “lights up”.  In the simplest terms, FLEx has re-invented the “light guide”.

FLEx Lighting Front Light Panel
Flexible LED Light Guide Film

Thin Film

Our light guide film can be as thin as 50 microns, yet our optical technology allows it to attach to the most common LEDs on the market.

Custom Color through LED Light Guide Film

RGB Color-mixing

FLEx’s system uniformly distributes and color-mixes LED light before channeling it into the display area. This method creates more vivid colors and allows for color tuning.

Low Power LED Light Guide

Energy Efficient

FLEx’s efficient lighting system requires only a small number of LEDs supporting the long battery lifetimes for reflective displays.

Invisible, Ultra Thin Light Guide Film


FLEx’s technology is applied to very thin rolls of clear plastic film that can be laminated to the display surface. This creates a level of clarity unsurpassed by other front lighting methods.

Flexible Light Guide Film


The thin, plastic light guide maintains uniform lighting even if rolled or folded, making edgeless and flexible displays a reality.

Emissive OLED Display


FLEx’s proprietary light mixing region can be curved away from the edge, eliminating the need for a frame to cover hot spots of traditional edge lighting.

Intellectual Property

FLEx has over 23 issued patents throughout the world including the U.S., Americas, EU and Asia. The cover the core light insertion technology, manufacturing methods, and a range of product applications.

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Evolution of LED Lighting

It’s time for something new

FLEx’s thin film lighting delivers all the benefits of traditional LED lighting methods but adds many more performance advantages.  FLEx’s lighting provides thin form factors to reduce product thickness and enables flexible panels.  It also delivers light in invisible and distortion free film and does not have all the bulky materials of direct lighting or the hot spotting of edge lighting.  FLEx is the preferred way of delivering elegant light in a streamlined package.

Traditional Direct LED Lighting

Traditional Direct Lighting

Direct lighting uses an array of LEDs and requires substantial thickness and/or a high number of LEDs to create a uniform light.

Traditional LCD Backlighting

Traditional Edge Lighting

Edge lighting places a line of LEDs along the edges of a plastic plate. This system allows fewer LEDs than direct lighting but requires a thicker frame to cover the hot spots along the border.

Low Power LCD Front Lighting

FLEx Lighting

FLEx Lighting uses up to 80% fewer LEDs than direct and edge lighting and does not require a light-mixing region. This results in the highest performance and most compact LED lighting technology available.

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