Revolutionizing the traditional point-of-purchase display.

InvisiSign® engages shoppers and then fades away into thin air leaving them focused directly on your product and packaging.


Next Generation Retail Messaging

With increasing online spending, retailers are doing more to stand out and increase impulse purchases.  The problem is that grabbing shoppers attention has become more difficult as they have become sign-blind.  

Walk down a retail aisle today and you’ll likely see a static vinyl graphic attempting to advertise a product.  These have blended into the background to the point where shoppers don’t even notice them.   On the other hand, high resolution video screens can be used to catch the eye.  These are expensive, difficult to install, and hard to maintain.  This is why FLEx developed the InvisiSign®.

This battery-powered, clear plastic sign can be placed in front of products without obstructing the view. It is easy to install, lasts 2-3 months on battery, and is designed for use in multiple retail applications including cooler doors, shelves, end caps, display cases, or can be free standing.

InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage
InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage

See the InvisiSign® website to learn how it increases shopper engagement in retail and to view detailed case studies and product specifications.

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Reinventing Retail

Recent developments in retail technology are demonstrating real impact -- beacons, electronic shelf labels, cloud-based inventory management and social integration are all showing promise.  But why should each of these be a stand-alone solution?  Who is the one to purchase the upfront infrastructure for each of these?  And how can they become more effective?

The answer lies in the enhanced smart signs that FLEx can produce.  Using the InvisiSign platform, FLEx can create multi-layered signs that are normally invisible unless called upon to activate through the cloud.  Or we can provide our own data collection for at-the-shelf activity analysis through real-time management dashboards.

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During a recent pilot study we utilized hidden cameras to capture shoppers’ reactions to the InvisiSign® and its ability to alter their purchase behavior.

Read our latest case study on how the InvisiSign has delivered results.