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FLEx Lighting announces commercial launch of ultra-thin Front Light Panels for reflective displays

September 1, 2016 (Chicago, IL) – FLEx Lighting (, a world leader in innovative lighting solutions, has launched a new line of commercial front light panels for use with reflective displays including reflective LCDs and e-paper.  FLEx’s front light panels are 10-20x thinner than comparable light guides and offer over 100x energy savings compared to backlighting.


The FLEx Front Light Panel (FLP) optical film is designed to integrate to the front surface of reflective displays to provide on-demand lighting in low ambient light conditions. FLEx’s FLP incorporates only a single LED and uses the reflective nature of the display to provide the most energy efficient solution in the display marketplace.

Key advantages includes over 100x power savings compared to backlighting, superior optical clarity through the thin 50µm optical film, and a flexible form factor to support tomorrow’s flexible displays.  The flexible film also allows for the optical components to be placed in a variety of implementations, depending on the product designers constraints.  This includes wrapping the LED behind the display to create a bezel-free design.


“The unique challenge of front lighting is that you are placing a light source directly between the viewer and the display so any bulky piece of plastic will hide the beautiful display under it,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting.  “FLEx’s front light panel is an optical film no thicker than the top polarizer of the display so its imperceptible to the user.  This solution finally enables reflective LCDs to reach their full potential as the most optimal display solution for battery conscious applications.”

The initial product line-up from FLEx includes front light panels that integrate with several Sharp Memory LCDs (including the 1.26″, 1.28″, 1.33″ color, 2.7″ and 3.2″), JDI reflective LCDs (including 1.28″ color, 1.34″ color, 1.39″ color, and 2.7″ color) and e-paper displays from Pervasive Display and E Ink ranging from 1.44″ to 3.2″ in size.  FLEx’s front light panels are optically bonded to these displays and can be provided as a fully integrated solution for customers who seek ultra-low power consumption with the highest quality display clarity for their products.

For more information about these front light panels or to request a sample, contact FLEx Lighting at 773-295-0305.  Additional product inquiries can also be made through local sales representatives – Oasis Sales, TriStar Sales and Matrix Design in the U.S. or Electro-Source in Canada

FLEx Lighting on display at Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week

FLEx will be showcasing our world premiere front light at SID’s Display Week in San Diego, California from June 2nd-7th.  If you are in the area, please stop by our booth #326 to see a demonstration of our products and technology.  We will be demonstrating our recently developed Front Light Panels for Reflective LCDs along with some unique R-G-B lighting enhancements for displays.

To set up an appointment at SID please contact us at

FLEx develops two new Front Light Panel products

The past few months have been an exciting time here at FLEx.  Not only have we have added significant depth and expertise to our growing team, but we are also proud to announce the development of two new Front Light Panel products.

We have come to believe even more firmly that the growing multi-billion dollar groundswell of new mobile, portable and wearable electronic devices and displays represents the single greatest market for our FLEx technology and lighting solutions.  A new type of display called Reflective LCD is growing dramatically in importance due to its low power attributes and its readability in high light and outdoor conditions (contrast this with trying to read an iPhone in bright sunlight).  Currently in mass-production for black and white, with color close behind, these displays are poised to take major display market share.

One of the issues that Reflective LCDs face today is readability in dimly lit environments.  All alternative solutions to this problem are far inferior – much higher power, more LEDs, less optically clear and/or requiring significantly more vertical clearance – all highly undesirable qualities for the small, mobile, battery powered product designs in this new class of electronics.  FLEx’s technology has fixed this problem through the use of ultra thin, low power, front light displays.

As a result, we have increased our focus on our front light panels over the past 18 months. We have developed two new products, a 1.3” and a 2.7” Front Light Panel (FLP), both of which are compatible with Sharp’s line of Reflective LCDs and which together cover a broad cross section of the smaller displays that dominate this emerging market.

The possibilities for which products could use the front light panel range from portable medical devices and electronic wallets to smart watches. To enhance our productivity we have partnered with a multi-billion dollar electronics and fabrication company to give us both production credibility and the ability to scale to major production volumes as we grow.

We are excited here at FLEx to see what the rest of the year has in store for us and for our customers.

What’s ahead for FLEx Lighting in 2013: Wearable Electronics, Healthcare, Mobile and more

2013 will be a big year for FLEx Lighting. We’ve been in the fast-paced technology industry for almost a decade. Like a lot of other technology companies we’ve commercialized our patented technology in several products over the past few years.

As more companies are looking for customization and differentiation in 2013, FLEx’s strong brand name in the front light market has brought us several new opportunities outside of the e-reader space and into the smaller e-paper and reflective LCD products.  These new projects include:

  • Watches/wearable electronics: This will be a fun industry to watch. Check out this watch from another Chicago-based company:  the CST-01
  • Athletic/fitness devices
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • Home appliances
  • Medical
  • Military

These customers recognize FLEx’s unique ability to:

  • Die-cut our front light product to match their product configurations,
  • Maintain ultra-low power consumption for extended battery life, and
  • Allow edgeless displays for differentiated form factors.

In addition to new product opportunities, we’ve announced our new office and laboratory space which allows us to continue our growth as a company. We’re making high-tech products right in downtown Chicago! And we’ve aligned ourselves with top business leaders – many are members of our Board of Managers and Board of Advisors.

FLEx is in a great position to illuminate the path for tomorrow’s products and grow as a firm. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our quest to bring new lighting solutions to life.

Mike Casper
President, FLEx Lighting

Randy Whitchurch and Mark Stevens Join FLEx Lighting’s Board of Advisors

January 29, 2013 (Chicago, IL) – Chicago-based technology firm FLEx Lighting (, a nano-technology and optics company that produces innovative lighting products for consumer electronic devices and general lighting fixtures using standard Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), has named two high profile executives—Charles R. Whitchurch and Mark S. Stevens—to its independent Board of Advisors.

Randy Whitchurch has served as a senior financial executive and professional board director of technology-based firms for many years, and recently retired as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Zebra Technologies.  Randy’s leadership at Zebra helped grow revenues from $45 million to $1 billion during his tenure at the publicly held manufacturer of bar code printers and active RFID technology.

“FLEx has a remarkable opportunity with their revolutionary technology to become a significant Chicago-based technology success story,” said Randy Whitchurch.  “I am genuinely excited to join their Board of Advisors where I can bring my experience with high growth technology businesses to help them in this endeavor.”

Mark Stevens, a veteran of the plastic film and extrusion coating industry, spent 29 years with Transilwrap, an industry leading extruder, converter and distributor of plastic films.  Mark’s leadership as CEO helped Transilwrap grow into the film industry’s leading extrusion coater and converter.  Mark also forged strategic relationships with industry leaders such as DuPont, Mitsubishi and PPG, improved operational efficiencies and led three manufacturing facilities to ISO 9001 certification.

“I am both flattered and excited to be joining FLEx Lighting’s Board of Advisors,” said Mark Stevens.  “It provides me with a unique opportunity to share my 30 years of experience in functional films and operational excellence with an energetic and innovative management team.”

Mark and Randy both reside in the Chicagoland area and have strong industry and technology connections in the Midwest, across the U.S. and throughout the globe.

“We are excited to announce the addition of Randy and Mark to the FLEx team,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting.   “Their leadership in both the high tech and nitty-gritty manufacturing space is a great match for FLEx’s growth into the future.  They also have roots in the Chicago area and provide a history of success in growing their respective firms here.”

Technology Executive Ronald G. Garriques Joins FLEx Lighting

January 16, 2013 (Chicago, IL) – Chicago-based tech firm FLEx Lighting (, a world leader in innovative lighting solutions, has named technology executive Ronald G. Garriques to its independent Board of Managers.

Ron has close to 30 years of business leadership experience in the consumer electronics industry, most recently President of the Global Consumer Group at Dell.  Prior to Dell, Ron served as an Executive Vice President of Motorola and President of Motorola’s mobile devices division.

“Ron’s experience in building innovative consumer products and leading both technical and sales oriented teams expands the knowledge base of our Board and adds a new perspective for our firm,” said Mike Casper, FLEx President.   “Ron has been a key advisor for FLEx as we continue to expand and become more visible in the marketplace.”

Ron’s network, spanning the globe, includes a variety of business leaders and influential decision-makers who could potentially become involved with future FLEx projects.  In addition to providing counsel, Ron will also help monetize FLEx’s technology and products.

“In the world of consumer electronics, it is all about creating that product that clearly stands out. This is true in software, services and hardware,” said Ron Garriques. “I was interested in joining FLEx’s Board of Managers because I feel that FLEx has the innovative culture and technology to be an important part of this tech ecosystem.”

FLEx Lighting’s New Office Space Includes Large Demo Area and Lab

January 1, 2013 (Chicago, IL) – Chicago-based tech firm FLEx Lighting (, a world leader in innovative lighting solutions, has signed a new office space lease at 25 E. Washington in Chicago.

Previously located at 208 S. Jefferson, the new space will allow the FLEx management and engineering teams to conduct product demonstrations and to build lighting technology solutions in an on-site laboratory.

The firm specializes in applying their LED lighting technology to advanced displays in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as in creating new lighting fixtures in the general lighting industry. The FLEx team focuses its efforts on designing new hardware applications with device makers and outsources the FLEx manufacturing to U.S.-based companies.

“FLEx is revolutionizing the design and function of consumer electronic devices and general lighting products to make them thinner, more efficient and even bendable,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting. “Our firm has grown significantly in the past year and we expect that trend to continue.”

FLEx Lighting moved from 3,000 square feet into an approximately 13,000 square foot space in the East Loop property. The firm required the move to accommodate its immediate space needs as well as its future growth. Proximity to public transportation and Chicago’s dynamic labor market are among the reasons cited by the tech company for selecting this location.

“Having a presence in Chicago was important to FLEx, as was finding the right location,” said Bradford Allen’s Managing Director, Josh Feldman, who completed the lease on behalf of FLEx Lighting. “With 10-foot high ceilings, abundant natural light and open space for a collaborative work environment, the new space reflects the firm’s creative business and supports its ongoing growth needs.”

“We are excited about our new location and are certain that it will suit the needs of our growing organization for many years to come,” added Casper. “Most importantly, though, this new space keeps us in the epicenter of downtown Chicago. The tech industry here continues to grow and we are excited to add our success in hardware technology to the success of the software-based firms in the city.”

FLEx Lighting and Dow Corning to Showcase Collaborative Technologies in the new SID Innovation Zone

May 31, 2012 (Midland, MI and Chicago, IL) – Dow Corning (, a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, and FLEx Lighting (, a world leader in innovative lighting solutions, will be showcasing a flexible light guide system that is up to ten times thinner than the current industry leading systems  for front and back lighting in mobile devices at the upcoming Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week Innovation Zone.

Display Week, held in Boston June 3-8, is the premier international gathering of scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users in the field of electronic-information displays. This year, the Innovation Zone (I-Zone) was created as an area dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge demos and prototypes that will lead to the products of tomorrow.

This is the first time the collaborative work of Dow Corning and FLEx Lighting will be available for public viewing. An innovation in the research and development stage, the combination of silicon-based optical materials and optics technology has the potential to produce ground-breaking lighting systems for the display industry, including crystal clear front lighting of e-readers and other electronic paper displays and efficient back lighting for LCD displays.

“I am enthused by the opportunity to collaborate with FLEx Lighting developing new technologies for display applications,” said Steve Block, Associate Industry Scientist for Dow Corning’s Electronics Industry. “The strengths in optics technology that FLEx Lighting possesses, along with Dow Corning’s silicone optical materials expertise, enables a unique opportunity to offer the display industry innovations in the field of light guides and lighting technology.”

In 2010, Dow Corning and FLEx began collaboration applying silicon-based materials to enhance the performance of light guide films. Dow Corning’s silicon-based technology offers benefits across the entire lighting and display value chains thanks to the optical efficiency, transparency, thermal stability, UV stability, lower cost of ownership, and superior reliability and lifetime of materials. In conjunction with FLEx’s light insertion technology, these features create brighter and more energy efficient lighting components for a wide range of display applications. 

“FLEx Lighting is thrilled to be bringing these new innovations to light in our collaboration with Dow Corning,” said Mike Casper, President of FLEx Lighting.  “The combination of our technologies opens the doors to the future of electronic displays and light guiding, and the I-Zone will be the first of hopefully many opportunities to showcase this potential to the industry.”

FLEx Lighting Releases First Public Prototype of e-Reader Front Light

December 13, 2011 (Chicago) – Chicago-based FLEx Lighting (, an innovative lighting company, released a public presentation of their groundbreaking front light for e-reader displays today.  Their demonstration proves that e-reader users are finally able to read in the dark and manufacturers can now bring color e-readers to life.

FLEx Lighting has been developing the world’s thinnest film-based light guides for several years and has recently perfected their use with e-reader devices.  FLEx’s e-reader front light is 10 times thinner than other front lights and only uses 1-2 LEDs to keep power consumption extremely low.

“FLEx is extremely excited to release a public demonstration of the new lighting product we’ve been developing over the past several years,” said FLEx President Mike Casper.  “FLEx’s solution will be available to all e-reader devices and will provide the first embedded lighting system that maintains long battery life, is easy on the eyes, and enhances the overall reading experience.”

The FLEx video demonstration created a lightning fast buzz from industry writers and experts.  Amar Toor from Engadget praised FLEx’s solution, saying ‘it creates the ‘soft glow’ that many predecessors have thus far failed to replicate.’ Ari Robertson from TheVerge said FLEx’s ‘early demonstration shows its potential for e-reader integration.’

See the video demonstration at The FLEx Lighting team will be holding private demonstrations of the new e-reader front light at the 2012 CES show in January.

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