LED lighting in the thinnest, most effective optical system.

With FLEx, a light can be wallpaper, a window, a ceiling tile, etc. The options are limitless.


New LED Form Factors

LEDs are continuing to expand into all types of light bulbs and fixtures, however most of them are being stuffed into old form factors.  Often less than half the light output (lumens) of an LED makes it to the desired area. The largest losses come from diffusion, color conversion, material absorption and internal reflectance.

FLEx overcomes these challenges by efficiently injecting LED light into thin films. Our technology offers significant advantages in efficiency, control of light distribution, uniformity, ability to accommodate edgeless ultra-thin designs, and material and cost reduction.

LED Performance with OLED Form Factors

OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) light panels have been receiving much interest in the lighting industry due to their soft, uniform light.  They also come in unique form factors in thin, lightweight and flexible panels.  OLED technology however, is very expensive and their lifetimes are limited.

LEDs on the other hand, are very cost effective, have significantly longer lifetimes  and are more energy efficient.  The challenge with LEDs however, is that they are bright pinpoint sources of light and must diffused.

FLEx technology leverages all the performance benefits of LEDs and delivers that light in a thin and flexible panel similar to OLEDs.  We take the best of both and combine them into the ideal light panel.

Directional LED Light Guide Film


The optical system embedded in FLEx’s panels creates collimated light which can be tuned differently for each application. For example, light can be directed only out of one face of the panel for one-way lighting applications.

Invisible, Ultra Thin Light Guide Film


Light extractors scale with the thickness of the lightguide. FLEx’s film is over 5x thinner than competing lightguides, which allows for 5x more invisible light extractors.

Flexible LED Light Guide Film


FLEx lightguides are as thin as 50um to deliver light with ultimate flexibility. Our panels can wrap around a pencil without losing any optical performance.

Custom Color through LED Light Guide Film

Color Changing

Light mixing occurs in the FLEx lightbar before it enters the panel. This can provide custom color control throughout the panel without having to match LED wavelengths along an edge. This can also deliver the holy grail of a pure R-G-B-A panel.

No Diffuser - Light Guide Uniformity

No Diffuser

Light distribution occurs in the FLEx lightbar. By the time the light radiates from the panel it is already spread evenly, producing a uniform glow.

Energy Efficient over OLED

High Performance

With no diffusers and controllable light extraction, FLEx’s panels provide more energy efficiency over edge lit panels and OLEDs.

FLEx General Illumination OFF FLEx General Illumination ON

Unique Light Fixture

Does your light fixture always have to look white? With FLEx’s invisible panels, you can turn a surface into a light, breaking you free from traditional fixture constraints.

Unique Solutions

FLEx’s panels can turn an object into a light panel.  With FLEx, a light can be wallpaper, a window, a ceiling tile, etc.  The options are limitless.

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Invisible Lighting

FLEx installed large light panels to create artificial sunlight for a museum’s rotunda.  These invisible panels allowed sunlight through during the day and provided illumination at night.

The seven stained glass windows atop the Grohmann Museum did not allow for floodlights to illuminate the art at night.  In addition, there was less than 1” gap between the thermal pane windows and the stained glass.  Most light panels could not fit or would create shadows.

FLEx installed large film panels cut to size to fit the curved windows.  Each window incorporated 50 LEDs which were hidden behind the frame, and the thin plastic film provided illumination behind the art.

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Watch this time delayed video to see how FLEx’s invisible film allowed sunlight through during the day and provided lighting into the room at night.

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