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Stop fighting the sun and your battery for power

Frontlit Smartwatch Wearable Device

Reflective, Frontlit LCD Displays

They may be small, but if they’re not frontlit and reflective their appetite for power is anything but. As the display stack gets smaller on wearables and the use moves outdoors, you arrive at the precise reason why FLEx was created. Our thin optical film delivers light to the display when needed and lets the sun do the job whenever it can, providing a brilliant user experience that draws less power.

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Low Power LED Front Light

Fewer LEDs

One low-power LED is used in FLEx’s front light, compared to 5+ LEDs used in alternative display light guides.

Ultra Thin Front Light vs Backlight

Thinner Devices

FLEx’s film is only 0.05mm thick and requires less volume compared to backlights. In addition, the low power consumption enables smaller battery designs to reduce device size.

Front Light Panel Power Savings

Reduced Power

The battery savings facilitated by FLEx are over 80x improved compared to backlighting reflective displays.

Enhanced Colors Frontlit Reflective LCD

Enhanced Colors

Front lighting color reflective displays delivers more vivid colors to enhance display graphics and device branding.

Product Information

Frontlit Reflective LCDs

1.26'' LS013B7DH05


1.28" color LPM013M126A


2.7" LS027B7DH01


2.7" color LPM027M128B


Other sizes available

Developer Kits

Kit Overview


Quick Start Guide


Control Software (WIN)


Control Software (MAC)


Control Software (LINUX)


Where to Buy

FLEx has over 14 sales offices and dedicated engineering support.  Find your local representative to purchase our front light and display sub-assemblies.

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