Frontlit and Forward-Thinking Displays with LED Lighting

Pushing the boundaries in pursuit of the world's thinnest lighting system using light guide technology


Front Light Displays

Longer Battery Life | Visible in Sunlight  | Intrinsically Safe

Our thin and precise light guide can laminate to the front of a reflective display stack, which requires 80% fewer LEDs, and leads to ~90% less energy consumed compared to backlit and OLED systems. It's time to move beyond the backlight. It's time to move the light to the front.  

FLEx's lighting systems scale well and are ideal for industrial, medical, military, IoT and consumer electronic devices.

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Reflective Display Stack With Flex Front Light Panel


Make it POP

Clear, Point-of-Purchase signage lets your product stand out in its most important environment: at retail. FLEx uses simple LEDs to create experiences that illuminate your brand where it meets its customers.

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InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage


InvisiSign® engages shoppers with lit brand messaging or images then fades to reveal your product.

InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage

Smart Signs

FLEx integrates with cloud-based inventory management systems and location-based marketing systems.

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Lighting Solutions

Shape Light. Any way You Like.

The thin, transparent LED light guide can conform to virtually anything using high-performance, flexible technology that is adaptable to your unique situation. A window, wallpaper, a ceiling tile. All of these things can deliver light with FLEx.

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FLEx technologies use an ultra-thin, flexible light guide that can be placed at the front of a reflective display stack. It works with sunlight and uses off-the-shelf LEDs, making it efficient, smart, and easy to integrate. The ultra-thin, invisible light guide can conform to virtually any form factor. Leaving you with an elegant display that delivers radiant colors (in direct sun), uses significantly less power, produces less eyestrain and lasts longer than OLEDs. It’s a smarter way to source your light.

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FLEx Lighting Front Light Panel

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