Pushing the limits in pursuit of the world's thinnest lighting system.

FLEx is changing illumination as we know it through thin film lighting.



Front Light Products

FLEx’s front light product is enabling a new generation of ultra-low power electronic devices.  By moving traditional lighting from the back of the display to the front of a display, FLEx significantly extends battery life between recharges and allows the LCD screen to be seen in any environment -- whether on the beach during a sunny day or in a dim restaurant at night.

Reflective Displays + Front Light Technology

Innovative Displays for Tomorrow

LCD displays have existed for decades off the premise of lighting from behind the display. Known as backlights, these display lighting components come with many drawbacks including high battery drain and are rigid. 

FLEx has reinvented this old way of guiding light by developing the world’s thinnest flexible optical film. This allows new display technologies to deliver on tomorrow’s device needs -- untethered, foldable to fit in your pocket, and long lasting between charges.

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Energy Fact

Displays are the primary source of energy use in our phones, tablets, watches and laptops. We are constantly recharging because of the display.

Thin Flexible Light Guide Film on Display
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The choices in signage today are either outdated and ineffective or cumbersome and expensive.  FLEx’s signage solutions were developed using the same low-power LED technology from our display products for wearable devices, and is now powering a revolutionary line of point-of-purchase displays.  These include our InvisiSign® product line as well as next generation Smart Signage.


This battery-powered, clear plastic sign can be placed in front of products without obstructing the view. It is designed for use in multiple applications including cooler doors, shelves, end caps, display cases, or can be free standing.

Partnering with leading brands and retailers, FLEx has shown a significant sales lift through several case studies.

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InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage


InvisiSign® engages shoppers, attracts them within the 3’ to 10’ range, visually imprints a branding image or message, and then fades away into thin air leaving them focused directly on your product and packaging.

InvisiSign® Retail Display Signage

Smart Signs

FLEx’s low power technology can seamlessly integrate with cloud-based inventory management to provide on-demand and real-time promotions without incurring the cost or delay of traditional price tag updates by the retailer.

FLEx General Illumination OFF FLEx General Illumination ON


In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb; 138 years later…we’re overdue for a change.  Conventional approaches to lighting are costing us energy and performance, even with the latest in LED technology.

Best of LED & OLED

FLEx’s film light guide panels can deliver on the combined benefits of OLED form factors with LED cost savings and performance.  Natural, diffuse lighting can be controllably delivered with minimal materials used.  With FLEx, a light can be wallpaper, a window, a ceiling tile, etc.  The options are limitless.

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Unique Light Management

FLEx’s products can manage light in ways previously thought unachievable. This includes directing light from one side, creating invisible light, wrapping light around a pole, changing the color, removing additional diffusers, and delivering light with high performance.

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